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Upon LBIM’s Missionary Jim and Evie Olson’s retirement from over 30 years of church planting in Japan and return to the USA, without their really initiating it, God drew Japanese people to them here in Seattle who were seeking help with English, cooking, friendships, Bible Study and Jesus. Naturally, it was a joy to continue on in their calling and the work God had given them to do, as an extension of it here in Seattle and so began “Japanese Ministries.”


The Seattle Rock of Ages LB Church has offered their church building, their financial support and their volunteers these past 25 years to provide a time, space, food and friendship to Japanese people, families and students, who are living in the area both long term as well as short term.


Roger and Sue Olson, after serving in Japan as LBIM Missionaries for 24 years, returned to Seattle in 2004 to carry on the outreach of Japanese Ministries. Though the numerical growth of the Japanese Ministries Sunday morning worship doesn’t change so much, over the years there have been many many people’s lives changed through their encounter with Japanese Ministries and Jesus and they have either moved on within the USA or have returned to Japan as witnesses to their own people.


God is definitely using and blessing Japanese Ministries. The great need for continual financial support is being trusted into God’s able Hands and shared with you as an opportunity for you to join in what God is doing through Japanese Ministries in Seattle. 

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